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Re: Mitchell & Johnson JP
« Gepost op: 25 januari, 2019, 15:50:36 »
Vond hierover volgend niet zo positief commentaar

Subjective sound description:

This is a bassy and ‘dark’ sounding headphone.
 The bass sounds punchy and full bodied yet not ‘fat’ or bloated’. The bass also does not ‘bleed’ into the mids. The mids have a ‘warmth’ to it but also sound a bit ‘hollow’ and lack clarity and detail.
 The high amount of bass to lower mids mask the upper mids and treble.
 Because of this the mids lack clarity and brilliance. The subdued, but pleasant and soft treble also adds to the ‘full’ and ‘dark’ sound signature.
 The sound is not very ‘dynamic’ but a bit muffled and ‘congested’.
For poorly recorded pop music this tonal balance may work well but for the better quality recordings the sound is way too dark, muffled and lacking in details.

The overall tonal balance is VERY far away from ‘neutral’ in any case and very different from electrostatic headphones or the ‘better’ headphones.
 Those that prefer the sound of say.. the Nighthawk or Meze 99 headphones may well like this headphone.

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